Friday, April 25, 2014

Little Red Hens In Kindergarten

My kindergarten teachers are working on a unit of study about teamwork and we are using the story of the Little Red Hen to do this. The teachers have been growing corn (see the previous post) and are reading a variety of versions of this story. This allows you to compare and contrast stories, focus on different characters that appear and talk about the sequence of the story.
They also love doing art with this unit and I had to post some of the hens the children created. We kept the shapes simple but so much learning went on during this activity. Students had to listen carefully to each step and the results are hilarious... 

This leads to writing for a purpose. Students can make a bubble map describing the little red hen and then write about her. Common Core does not need to be complicated!
This can easily be integrated into a farm unit and a study of chicks and their life cycle. We like to use it to teach character traits and the message it clearly has about working hard to reach a goal.


Palma Sarah said...

This is perfect, Fran! I'm in the middle of a farm theme and we will be spending a week on The Little Red Hen and all of the different versions in 2 weeks. Our eggs arrive on Monday and we just spend a week comparing all of the 3 Little Pig type books. Such Fun! I love my job! And you are the best at it! :) Palma

Linda said...

Adorable!!! The possibilities are endless for using this! I could even see using this during a second grade folktales & fables unit. While it's not a classic fable, it does have a moral and teach a lesson! Love it, Fran!

Ms.M said...

That is just adorable. I will bookmark this for next year. Just too cute not to do it.
Ms. K/1 ELL

Katie Knight said...

I love it Fran!!!!!!!!!!