Saturday, August 31, 2013

Look Who Joined Our Staff!

After twelve years of watching teachers receive "pink slips" and leave our district we finally had the opportunity to welcome two new, male teachers to our staff. They have changed the climate of our school and bring so much passion and enthusiasm to their job. Both are upper grade teachers who cannot wait to get started on this wild and crazy ride known as teaching. 

Aaron was hired before school started so he joined me for the Common Core trainings. He participated in all the activities and the staff loves having him on board.
Why is this such a big deal?
Both of this young men were born and raised in this community. One even attended this elementary school and was dearly loved by this staff. They watched him grow and mature and now he is joining the ranks as a teacher. Talk about successes. It brings tears to my eyes. The second grade teacher brought him lunch for the first day and I watched his family help him set up his room. They feel so much pride in his achievements.
Mike was hired a few days later and I set up his room so he wouldn't walk into a mess. I cleaned it, set up the desks, loaded his book cases with the right materials and put up a few boards, just the basics. He came in with two friends and within hours the room looked beautiful and you could sense his excitement about starting the year. He is a product of our school district and loves the idea of making a difference in his community. Listening to him, sensing his passion, makes me feel so much hope for the future. 
How lucky is my school and my district to have these men? Both of them bring so much to the classroom. When I stand in the doorway and watch them teach I get a lump in my throat. They move around the room constantly, teach with passion, and talk to students using quiet voices, always validating who they are. They understand.
What changes has your school had?


ronnie said...

I teach in L.A.U.S.D., and after years of losing R.I.F.D.(sp.) teachers we welcomed 5 teachers. 4 were displace, but one is a newbie. She was hyperventilating during her first recess (2nd grade with 28 students, and parents at the door). I thought we were going to have to call 911. She's hung in there, with support, and I see many more smiles. :)

ronnie said...

I forgot to say that last year we had a pool teacher who stayed the whole year, then retired. We have another pool teacher who has been on a few sub call in the district, and I think a few position interviews. She's keeping her head up, as best she can.

Kerri and Lindsay said...

That is soooo awesome Fran!! How cute they both are!
Kerri B

Kristin said...

That is awesome!!!! :) I love it! Our district also hired a few new teachers -- one is a good friend of mine who was unable to get hired after she earned her credential (due to the hiring freeze) so she did tons of long terms and intervention positions. She is a new third grade teacher at a school close to mine and they LOVE her!
I love that your new teachers are men. That is terrific!

Jessica said...

That is awesome Fran! I love seeing male teachers b/c it is so rare in elementary schools! =) And wow... the first in 12 years???? I work in a huge district! (We have 23 elementary schools and still growing) and we hire new teachers EVERY year. My K-team has changed every year I've worked here. Hope you're starting off with a great year!

Christy {Crayons and Whimsy} said...

Hi Fran!
What a sweet post. We do need more male teachers in elementary!! We haven't hired anyone new in many years either. I love your sentence about having hope for the future because of their passion.

As for changes at my school....not that many this year!

Crayons and Whimsy

Janice @PreK Partner said...

I agree with you, we need more male teachers in our schools. This is my first year at CVESD and our Principal and his associate Principal are both very strong male figures in our school, district, and our community.


Fancy Free in 4th said...

I am JEALOUS that they get to work with you! Let me know if I can share any of my 4th grade things with him.

KSL said...

What an awesome post and story! Please share my appreciation for their commitment to making a difference in their community. I know the kiddos I teach really need good, strong male role models to look up to. These guys are making the difference of a lifetime!