Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Teachers's Love for Washi... Where can I find it?

Many people have asked me where to find this paper tape that is so user friendly and can be repositioned so easily. I realize you can buy it on line but I need to look at colors and designs closely. Colors can be deceiving. Have you ever bought a scarf on line, received it, and hated the shade of green it turned out to be? I hate dislike returning anything.

This is a display at our local Walmart. If you do not have a display like this, I would march over to the manager and show him this. Two days after this went up it was half empty. Get with it Walmart! Go check your store out and see if you can find it.

Then I moved on to my trusty Target (we teachers {heart} this store) in search of washi tape. This was a little trickier since they have Duct tape in designs too. This cannot be repositioned and you will want to throw yourself against a wall if you make a mistake. If you have guts of steel... go for it sista. I found these cute tapes, some in the scrapbooking section which has been shrinking over time (sob) made by Smash. Soe of these are really cute. Be careful of the new plastic tapes like this purple and turquoise design. Those are more for wrapping packages and jazzing them up. I sent my daughter's birthday gift this way to her law office. I'm not so sure she loved that all that much. Oh well.
Michael's has just started to carry these but they nail you by making you purchase them in sets of 2. That ups the price so get that app so you always have a coupon. Don't get caught without one!

Finally: We have this gorgeous store in California filled with all kinds of gorgeous papers, punches, and cards. They did not have a huge selection but plenty of dots and chevron. I bit the bullet and treated myself.
Have you been able to find washi tape locally? Add to our list in the comments if you have! I am working on desk accessories for a teacher so look out for that post. Have a Washi Wonderful Day! I wonder if Mrs. Wishy-Washy loves washi tape!
Look a few posts below this for a washi tape DIY project that is super simple... promise.


Kinderaffe said...

You're the best. Loved your details about the "Washi Tape." I now know that is repositional tape. Didn't know. Thought is was much like Duct tape. Won't make that mistake.


msdora162 said...

Office Depot also carries them.


Elizabeth Hall said...

I am obsessed with Washi Tape! I am doing a focus wall this year and I've been using it to mark certain areas of my board as "focus points". It probably doesn't make any sense but I'll show you when I'm finished. Hope you have a fabulous week!
Love ya!
Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

Gay Gallagher said...

I've been to three WalMarts so far, and only one carried it, and it was only the narrow. And such a small display! I am now on a mission! The only way I found it at the one store was by asking three different people, and showing them the picture from your blog. I will now carry THIS picture with me!

KinderKapers said...

Our Washi tape was hiding with the package mailing supplies. I wondered what the difference was between the washi tape and the plastic tape. Is there a difference between washi tape and the colored masking tape. I bought some of it all to test it out.

Terri Izatt