Monday, December 19, 2011

Who Needs Gingerbread Jewelry?

So I wanted one more center on our Gingerbread Activity Day and this was a big hit with everyone! It was so simple but the kids loved creating their own necklace with cut up straws and pasta (teeny tiny beads). The real kicker was the center of the necklace. It was a small gingerbread man that students colored in and put their name on. I wrapped the paper strip around the paper clip and it hung in the middle. Hey, I wore mine all day and got lots of compliments. Maybe you can do this next year.


Busy Bees said...

Oh, sounds like a cute activity that I haven't done with gingerbread!! What a great idea with the paperclip, too. Thanks, Fran!!

Pam said...

I would love to see an end product close up.

Barbara said...

That sounds adorable. Are you able to post a close up pic?
Merry Christmas.
Grade ONEderful

Swapnil said...

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Sarah said...

Cute Cute Cute!! Where did you get the mini Gingerbread Guy Man at!?! LOVE IT! Will for sure put that in my "pile " for next year!!

We are lucky enough to still be able to do Polar Express w/ our kiddos!! Gotta love sm town USA!

Happy Holidays!

Fran Kramer said...

I am looking for a close up picture of this but I am not sure I have a clear photo... I will keep looking since I took a billion pics.