Friday, December 9, 2011

Running As Fast As I Can (I'm an old woman)

Seriously, I am trying to prepare for our Gingerbread Activity Day which is led by our parents and I am making a dash to the finish line. We are practicing the text of my little retelling book,
adding the main character and the setting. Nothing like overwhelming 5 year olds with information. Honestly though, they are loving this little book because they can read it themselves and screaming "crunch" thrills them!
If you want all this and more with story elements it is in my Holiday Joy With the Gingerbread Boy literacy packet.


Freckleteacher said...

Hi Fran! I have your little book prepped and ready for the kids this coming week. I know they are going to love it! We will make the book in centers and then make the bracelet whole class. I love your pocket chart and am thinking about making it too!
Thanks for your hard work and I hope you will be able to get some rest soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fran,

Could you explain the retelling bracelet? I would love to learn how it works! :)


Fran Kramer said...

Each bead on the bracelet represents an event in the story to help scaffold the kids when they retell it.
You can buy it in my Gingerbread Packet. My kids are so jazzed to make this on our activity day.

Mary Ellen said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. I would love to purchase the literacy packet of Gingerbread goodness but wasn't sure where to find it.

Mary Ellen said...

Wait now I see your teacher pay teachers button. Thanks!