Saturday, December 10, 2011

What did you do for a parent gift?

Everyone can be successful with this simple project. I have too many students to do a long and involved activity and too many standards to cover! So after a few years of changing it out I finally decided to do a class picture because a parent will love having this memory. One of my team partners suggested converting it to black and white which makes it so much nicer I can't believe it! Thanks Deb. The kids loved making these and the room was silent (my room is never silent) and not a single child got frustrated. If they lost the pattern around the frame I let it go...  If you are still worried about what to do this is just another idea. What do you do?


Jennifer W. said...

So cute! I love it! What size do you make the picture?

Alicia M said...

Fran - we make the Christmas ornament that I made in K and still have on my tree! A gold plate with a triangle of elmer's glue. Add some split peas, glitter and a bow. Voila! A Christmas tree. Still green after 41 years...What does that say about split peas?

Fran Kramer said...

That sounds precious to me and more amazing is that you still have it!

Each frame is a bit different so I size it by measuring the batch and making it fit the smallest one.

Hadar said...

The same thing you did! Except we used buttons! But what a great way to "recycle" the colored macaroni from the Thanksgiving necklaces!!!

Karen said...

Fran... these are so cute. I've never learned how to dye pasta. Do you have any tips?

Anonymous said...

it's my 1st year teaching...straight out of college; maybe i'm a little ambitious?? ;)

we made salt dough ornaments with their hand prints. they painted them yesterday.

we're also making a similar craft to yours, except we're making stables with foam stars above it. i work at a christian school, so i had them dress up like mary and joseph and took pictures of each of them to put inside. sprinkle with a little raffia for hay, and voila! it's done!

question for you experienced you have some of your kids do two presents if their parents are divorced???

Beadboard said...

Thanks for this adorable idea. I"m definitely going to try it.
What is the easiest way to make the holes? Is there a tool to "punch" it or is it drilled. Thanks so much!

Jennifer Gorham said...

Well, shut the front door! We are doing this cute craft. Thanks, Fran. 1st grade teachers love your ideas too.

Jennifer G.

phenton said...

These are great! How do you dye the noodles? Ingredients? Thanks!

Fran Kramer said...

Check out the directions for pasta dying. You really cannot make a mistake but minimize the mess!