Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pete the Cat Giveaway is Coming Soon

Shhhhhhh... I am telling you a secret. There will be a giveaway on another site later today but I am coming home late tonight so I am telling my blogging friends ahead of time to be on the lookout. A blow-out giveaway is happening and I need to enter this myself. Mrs. Jump and I have been asked to help them with this and if I do not win I might die. Wait, did I say that? I will be so happy for the winner. I can't tell you anymore or I will get into trouble. Later, 'gator.


aclark said...

I would LOVE THIS please!! :)

Thanks Kristina

kgnteachmb said...

Am new at trying to leave comments/following blogs etc. Love your stuff and Deanna's. Have taught for many years and your ideas help me stay fresh and current. Tried to leave a comment yesterday. Following you, Deanna, and Lesson Plan SOS. Don't know if I am doing this right. If my other comments have worked, please disregard. :)