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Monday, June 6, 2011

Who Doesn't Like to Talk? I Sure Do!

So my friend Deedee Wills created some guiding questions on her bookmark (rip over to her site if you do not have one) and I want to talk about a question she poses. How do you support math vocabulary in your stations? I created some "math talk" cards which I will offer next week when I host the next chapter. You have to come back and link up with me!
How do we make these cards for our kinderkids?
1. Keep the text simple for our emergent readers
2. Use sight words that you have already introduced.
3. Use math vocabulary that you have practiced many times in large and small groups.
4. Add visuals to the text to support the academic language you are teaching
5. Practice, Practice, Practice
    Debbie talks about the importance of modeling and I would use this strategy when introducing these cards.
    In my room we sit around the carpet in a circle. We each practice the sentence we are focusing on. Keep it simple for our youngest learners and build on their learning by introducing  mathematical vocabulary as you work through the standards. What about creating a math dictionary or anchor charts with math language? Maybe you could scaffold this with appropriate photographs of your students, putting it in context they can relate to or use appropriate graphics. What about a math mini office? Maybe I should create these tools...hummmm. Okay I am finished in 2 weeks and I am creating more stuff...crazy.

Come back and grab these next week. This is just a tease! Now go check out Mrs. Parker and read her excellent thoughts on this chaper. You will not be sorry!



Jill said...

Those math talk cards look SUPER cute!

Magnificent Multiagers!

April said...

Oh I love a good tease! I am tuning in next week to get the math talk cards for sure!

Here is a site, that I found out by reading last weeks blogs, with some good Math Vocab Cards. I'm going to print and laminate them for my home classroom!
Click on Grade Level Vocab Cards

Kelli said...

Didn't a teacher in your life teach you that teasing is not nice. :) hehehe Can't wait till next week to see the cards.