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Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Washi Tape Wonderful Projects For Your Classroom

Many teachers shop in Ikea for all kinds of inexpensive containers, carpets, picture frames, etc. to fill their classroom with attractive pieces that make it more homey. They are know for having goods that are simple and clean in design. I love their plain white pots that often just have a little texture. They are only a few dollars so they are affordable for a classroom. These have horizontal lines which made them perfect for washi tape decorating! Here are the results. Really nice looking and a cute pop of color... right?

Where I live we have little dollar type stores everywhere and I was cruising around and found this clear plastic box which I use when I need to take supplies with me on the run. Once I added a label and colorful tape it become this adorable box and my name is right on the front. It only took me minutes to make. As I was cruising around I found a white plastic binder. I grabbed it and made it so much cuter with some tape on the outside and inside. The pages are color coded so I can find information quickly and easily. 
Helpful Hint: I like washi tape best on white products or clear ones since the tape is a bit transparent.  Have you washi taped anything lately? I would love to get some other ideas from you so leave a comment if you want to. Now go have a "washi wonderful weekend."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here Are Some Delicious Apple Activities

 As we approach the end of September (Can you believe that?) it is time to start thinking about progress reports which are crazy to do with kindergarten students. Those of us with 31 kiddos want to pull our hair out since any assessment for this age is done individually. OMG, what does a teacher do to maintain her sanity or what's left of it? Bust open this packet. laminate the pages and set up some math and literacy stations for your students to do independently. Does this sound like a plan?

These are easy enough for your students to do with a little modeling and screaming  training. It is packed with apple activities in both reading and mathematics and I even included the famous Kindergarten Crayons emergent readers that you are constantly asking for. Don't work harder... be smarter and have fun with this packet. Many of these activities can also be done in whole group as part of your morning meeting. I hope you love this as much as I do. Click here to grab this applelicious treat.
Have a great day of teaching. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Color Your World With Common Core Posters

Have you seen these Common Core Number Posters for your classroom? Once you have printed them, laminated, and hung them up they are really gorgeous in all their rainbow colors. What makes them super special is the fact that they are free in my TpT store. Do you want to grab them? You can click {here} to make them yours. If you appreciate having them I would love for you to leave a comment and follow my store.

So many of you asked me to make the numbers 11-20 so you could have a full set. This took me some time and I hope you like the results. I decided to make this a freebie too. If you want them you can grab these {here}. 

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Have a great Sunday and I hope these numbers brighten up your classroom.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dear New TK and Kindergarten Teachers: Get Them Under Control

When an administrator walks into your classroom he is looking for many things but you can bet your last dollar that your classroom control is what he will notice first. Forget Common Core, Big Idea, Curriculum Maps, room environment, your highly engaging lesson, etc. if the kids are hanging off the ceiling. I hope new teachers are looking around for strategies that might work in their room so they can rock out behavior management. It is crucial. Set the tone now, while you can. Read on and see if this might be a solution!

So mine is a little different than most but I made sure I was using academic language to stay consistent with Common Core. Right? You can put this together in no time but the real work is in modeling this until you feel like screaming. When students are not doing what you expect, refer back to the chart. Ask them, " Are you on task?" " Are you being a learner?" No matter what, expect a five year old to say yes, regardless of what he is doing! Anyhow, this is far more explicit and will be a good management tool if you use it daily.  For very young children you can use a small photo on the end of each clothespin, as well as their name. This will serve as a scaffold for them. It is important for them to recognize their own pin and care about its placement
Allow children to make mistakes and the Oops can be a warning. If  behavior improves move their clothespin or students have nothing to gain by getting back to workand making better choices. Forgive them. Students at this age can be really impulsive and often give little thought to the consequences of their actions. What system do you like to use in your classroom for behavior management? If you like it you can grab it {here} and leave me a comment if you want.