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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life Can Be Full of Surprises

So I hugged my entire class good-bye yesterday, worked on cleaning up the room (and there was serious work to be done) and went to a friend's house to celebrate another year of teaching. While I was there I got an email that I was nominated for this award from Really Good Stuff and it came as a wonderful surprise!  Endings are hard for me and this could not have come at a better time. The voting starts on July 1st and if you want to participate you can click on my sidebar.
Summer is officially here for me.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments and links you all provided for our book study. I read each one and really enjoyed your thoughtful responses and creative activities.
Fran Kramer


Ms. Morgart said...

I love your blog and have sent many teachers that I have trained in thinking maps to your blog. You have such great activities!!

I LOVE the way that you post your examples (like the post today with the blue color behind your picture). How do you create those?

Curls and a Smile

Katie Mense said...

We ♥ you, Fran!! You are one of the nicest most generous bloggers out there!! congrats!!=)
Little Warriors

Roo said...

Thank you for sharing so much this year. I will be sure to vote for you come July 1st. Your blog is always the first one that I check each day.

Todd said...

Fran - You SURE deserve the nomination! I'll be first in line (online!!) to vote!

deb said...

Congratulations Fran! Does this get you your own marked parking space in our staff parking lot? Surely this tops Deanna? See you Monday at the staff end of year breakfast.

Mrs. C said...

Congratulations! Stop by and join our giveaway!

Unknown said...

Fran you have been sharing creative ways to facilitate learning with young children. It's so thoughtful of you to do that. I love your ideas. Thanks again!