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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Color My World in Patterns

So I am warming up for next week's Chapter 4 but I have been thinking a lot about differentiation after reading the first few chapters of MWS. Have you? Anyway at the beginning of the year the pattern mat is useful to get the kids started and oriented to the idea of reading left to right. Debbie talks about not providing million of choices and I actually am doing something right. I start with patterning by color and put the stuff
(teddies, cubes, etc. ) into a baggie for each child only using 2 colors. Hey, it leaves very little wiggle room for making a mistake. Now here is the math talk- "My pattern is red,blue,red,blue,red,blue." The student can turn to his partner and ask, "What is your pattern______ (call student by name since they often can't remember and need to practice this). Now here is the differentiation, once you have done this in small groups, some kids can build their pattern right on top of the sticker cards and just do actual matching since they really have no clue. Another student can extend the pattern based on the first half of the card. A more capable child can create the same pattern but with different colors. This can be recorded using dot markers or crayons. Also look at the buttons where a student has to decide what is missing in the middle of the pattern - more demanding huh? I like using the back of sentence strips because it has a line and I just attached the extension with tape so you can fold them in half for the child who is not ready. Woohoo! Now I just need to organize all this in ziplocks and buy some tubs. I need a nap. Too much cognitive work for me!
Now don't forget about our journey together...
Our book study continues so start reading Chapter 3 and check in with Mrs. Parker and link up with her!

          Share your ideas and how you your create your stations. I hope we hear from you.
                                                                      Fran Kramer


Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing. I have printed out the work mats but was wondering how many you make for your class? I have never done work stations but am excited to try with my summer school class and then next year!

Helen Tross said...

I really liked our discussion yesterday about differentiating the pattern strip. I love this because, developmentally, kinder kids are at such different levels! We MUST pull small groups in Math as well as Language Arts, and this new book helps us do that! Thanks, and I can't wait for the Chapter 3 discussion!

Libby said...

Extend on the back of a sentence strip, what a great idea! And thanks for your math mats, they'll get much use next year. :)