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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Are You Going Dotty With CC Math?

This is my latest packet and my teachers are loving it. Students have an opportunity to use dot markers to mark different visual representations for numbers 1-20 and to practice oral language  justifying their answers. "I marked this one because_______." This is what Common Core is all about. Right? A tall order for our ELL babies. Our students need to learn how to use "math talk". Mission impossible? Not with this little packet. I even show you how to use a collaborative model (group of 4) to work on these pages so children build their knowledge together. Join me on this Common Core journey. Number sense is the work of kindergarten and we all work hard to send them on with a deep understanding of numbers. Lock it up with this $5.00 item.
What makes this different?
1. Students love to use dot markers (yup even on their clothes) and this keeps them engaged.
2. Directions are provided for a student book of numbers  from 1-20 and this is perfect for "Open House".
3. It is perfect for intervention in first grade or for the beginning of the year.
4. Whip out the collaborative activities when the district curriculum head is visiting.
5. Use these pages for student portfolios.
6. Homework
If you want this little baby just click here and it will slam you into my TpT store to purchase. All aboard for the Common Core...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Earth Day Really Matters... Teach On

Earth Day is one of my favorite themes to use in the spring. It is celebrated on April 22nd but I love to do activities related to this for several weeks. Friends of the Earth is a Common Core packet that has been carefully designed to meet the needs of your primary learners. It will help to raise student awareness of the importance of recycling and taking care of the earth.
I have included both literacy and math stations that will build the academic language of your students and promote student engagement. Writing activities are also included and scaffolds have been provided to ensure student success. It also addresses the needs of your English language learners.Many of the printables serve as a record of student understandings and can be used for assessment and homework.

Students even make a simple necklace using straws to add some bling! If you would like to purchase this packet it is available in my TpT store. Be sure to pick up the headband freebie too! Help our children learn to care for the earth and each other. What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Finally A Freebie: Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kindergarten

Don't you love this time of the year? The weather is getting warmer (okay I live in Southern California) and your students are actually showing some progress and becoming much more independent. Whew... I bet you thought it would never happen and before you know it you will be hugging them all goodbye and telling them to have a great summer. Before it all slides past you why don't you do a mini unit on Earth Day instead of  just spring? You can teach a lot of different skills but also give them some understanding of recycling, reusing, and reducing. I think this is worthwhile and goes along really well with any unit you do on plants. Today I am offering you a freebie that might force encourage you to try this next month. You can pick it up right here if your kids will have fun making a little crativity. It's a headband that you can sponge paint and add a little info to. No fuss just easy to put together. Who doesn't want to wear the Earth on their head as an accessory? 
This packet is almost finished and it has been carefully aligned to the Common Core (naturally). I think it is one of my best products. I even included some writing that has been differentiated for young students. This product can also be used in a TK classroom since it has many literacy and math activities to keep little ones engaged. I have provided response sheets for many of the stations so you have a record of their understandings. 
Have a great week of teaching friends.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Read About My Weekend... You won't be sorry!

I am exhausted but filled with wonderful memories from the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. The keynote speaker was our head blogger Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Classroom. She did a fantastic job on a topic that we all want to learn more about " The Common Core." Bloggers from all over  Southern California were asked to present here and it was a weekend to remember! 

I was so nervous before this presentation that my teeth were chattering. My bubble necklaces got tangled up and the room was packed with kindergarten teachers and my blogging buddies. I took a deep breath and looked up into Deanna Jump's eyes and knew I was ready to do this! I tossed a beach ball and gave away freebies. I hope they loved it! I tried to give them a general overview of CC in kindergarten through the lens of an English Language Learner and it took me months to put this together. I sweated over it more than my thesis for graduate school!  They laughed, they clapped, and blew bubbles at the end of my session. I love kindergarten. I love kindergarten teachers the most. They are so loving. On to the Blogger Bash dinner with Heidi from HeidiSongs as our MC. Miss Kindergarten and Michelle Griffo put this beautiful event together with help from other bloggers. It was FANTASTIC! They have some serious skills peeps.

We gave away gorgeous baskets we had each made and mine of course was none other than Pete the Cat! I filled it with Pete, my favorite books about Pete, my packets, Pete note paper and other Pete related goodies. The winner loved her goodies! She was so sweet and happy to receive this. The party was filled with food, laughter, and we raffled off gift certificates to our TpT store. It was so much fun to make teachers so happy!
At the end of the weekend it was pouring and I was exhausted. My husband took one look at me and booked a spectacular room at the Westin, took me out to a beautiful restaurant, talked about the conference over drinks late that evening and took me to a great breakfast the following morning. Yup, he is a keeper! #blessed

I went to most of the presentations my young friends did and I was overwhelmed by the quality of their work. They made gorgeous Power Points and handouts. They were relaxed, funny, and sent teachers home with a million ideas for implementing the Common Core in engaging ways for our young students. I was so proud of their work. Please come to this conference next year. My brain is exploding with great ideas and my heart is full. Kindergarten teachers are the best people on earth.
Much love to the bloggers in Southern Cal,