Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What... Another Back to School Sale?

Can you believe this? TpT is having another sale because so many of us were not ready to buy yet. We were still soaking up sunshine, sipping on delicious drinks, and eating amazing food. Reality has hit home. I can't put it off for another day. I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. Yup, time to take out the cleaning tools and hit my little space and make it special. My car is packed with everything Pete and I have all my cleaning products in the back seat. I will be working all week hanging paper, border, and anything else to make it look welcoming. How about you?
Now that I have dragged my head out of the clouds I can start thinking about those first few days and how to keep the tears to a minimum. More about that later...

Teachers often ask me what I start the year out with and the truth is I have a few simple products that I like to use and I read lots of Pete the Cat stories. We play the music and sings Eric Litwin's songs. I try to keep it light and simple the first few days so that I don't overwhelm them with my BIG personality.Products that I love can be found in my Tpt store so click here and make life easy. They are all on sale (hug me later) for 20% off because you have already spent a million dollars decorating the room (don't lie to me I know you).
Here is what I am opening up with:

1. Classroom Jobs to Build Community: has a little book that is adorable
2. A Cut and Paste Alphabet Book: love this and easy to use
3. I Can Cut, Paste, Sort, and Write the Alphabet : cheap and easy to use
4. Sparkle Readers: My kids adore these books and the work is done for you
5. Tag You're It! Best product ever (buy both and you will want to hug me) editable name tag system
6. Sight Words to Rock Your Room 1/2 : You will use this all year long
7. All the mini books (alphabet, numbers, and syllables) kids love all things mini

Okay now that I have spent all your money DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE CODE BOOST at the end right before making your purchase or you will want to jump off a cliff. Happy shopping my friends and thank you for all the support you provide me with!

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