Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pete the Cat Comes To Kindergarten... It's All Good

I finally did it. I finally bought a giant Pete the Cat for my classroom. It is adorable. I purchased it on Amazon and justified it in my head with a gift certificate. Once it showed up... no regrets.
I decided to do a Pete the Cat theme in my classroom this year so I have been painting, cutting, using Modge Podge, etcf. to transform my teaching tools to jazz them up in Pete colors. I am happy with the results but thank goodness you can't see my house (let's just say that my husband is tripping over drawers, canisters, fadeless paper, and all things Petified (not petrified) that I have been creating.
Here is a peek at some of what I have purchased or created so far. What do you think?

I showed these to you before but I bought more of these for signs I might need on activity days. This is a great management tool and students will know where to go. These are so adorable and were just a dollar in Ikea.
Yup, you guessed it... Target Dollar Spot but they are $3 each. However I am hoping they hold up fine. I just added the labels and included Pete on each. A*D*O*R*A*B*L*E. I only included a few of these but there are eight of them. Each one will hold all the books I read for each unit of study in Open Court. 
Dollar Tree had these canisters and I knew they would be perfect in my classroom. They are plastic so that no one ends up bleeding. I put labels on them and filled them with tons of supplies that will be easy to access for me and my students. I wish I had gotten more of these!
These letters were on sale in Walmart and I just grabbed a few little bottles of acrylic paint and some sponge brushes to make them a little cuter. This will be perfect for my reading corner and will brighten up the room. I love the sneakers at the bottom of each letter! I modge podged the letters once they dried to add some shine.
Here is one of my favorite projects. These are 2 sets of drawers stacked on top of each other. I found beautiful primary colored scrapbooking papers and used them to make these bright and cheerful. I just cut simple strips and modge podged them on each side of the drawer. I love the rainbow look of these and I want to store all the materials for each day in the individual drawers. Pete's pencil and sneakers match the color of each drawer. I am so happy with this!
Here is a smaller version of these drawers for my Guided Reading groups. I can store their little books in here and any word work they need to finish.
Dollar Tree had these containers and I bought them without a plan. I admit that they came in the right colors which forced my purchase. Then it hit me. They would make perfect trash cans to put on their tables for trash. This will be a great management tool. Hopefully students won't try to get up every 2 seconds to throw something away. Is this something you have to deal with too or is it just me?
Last but not least is a little notebook I wanted to keep for informal observations or just a "to do" list. I hole punched the upper right side and just tied a little perky bow in it.
That's it for now but there will be more to come... What do you think? Any suggestions? Things are shaping up but the work... lets just say, "oh my..."
Enjoy your Sunday. It's all good.


Sandy Welch said...

Wow! You've been working hard! Everything looks perfect and the kids are going to adore it!!

krazy4K said...

Fran it all looks great! Hope you have a wonderful year with Pete the cat and your sweeties!!!

kathy said...

Such adorable Pete the Cat decor! I am starting the year with Pete the Cat, too!

barbkibler said...

It is amazing, those lucky students! I am jealous!!!have a great year!

Carol Beaumont said...

Hi Fran,
It was so nice meeting you yesterday at the Southern California teacher get-together. John and I were a bit shy when we came but soon found that everyone there was so welcoming and kind that we soon felt much more comfortable. I love the cute colors that you use on your canisters and various ways that you organizer your centers, etc. Very creative, and many ideas can be used in my sixth grade classroom because the bigger kids still like colors and creative looking things. Have a great start to your school year and looking forward to seeing you again at the next get-together. Take care! Carol Beaumont

Taryn Ryan said...

Love, love, love how you coordinated everything! Your hard work is paying off! :)

Peggy Means said...

Can I be in your class!? How cute, colorful, and so creative! If I had I classroom this year - it would be "Pete the Cat"!

Tonia said...

Love it! I remember how much you like hats. Live, Love, Laugh Kindergarten has a great first day freebie hat on TPT! "Rocked My First Day of Kindergarten."

Catwoman said...

Fran, Your Pete the Cat ideas are sooo cute! Your kids are so lucky to be in your room. I bought your first Pete unit in Vegas and have been working away at getting everything prepped. Can't wait to start!
Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

Katie Knight said...

FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irma said...

Everything is soooo cute!!

Stephenie said...

Oh my goodness!! You've just inspired me!

Kerri and Lindsay said...

You are adorable and everything you have made is going to look AWESOME in your classroom!! You go, girl!!
Kerri B

KinderKapers said...

Oh my have been busy!! Everything is so adorable! I have to tell you I bought those same polka dot jars at the Dollar Tree....only I left mine in my car for a few very hot days and they MELTED!! They are now all misshapen and I had to throw them away. Sad day.

Can't wait to see and hear more about how you year goes.


Cheryl Irick said...

ADORABLE!!! I fell in love with Pete the Cat last year. I even dressed like him for Halloween. I think I need to "steal" some of your great ideas!


Shantriss Riggins-Gates said...

This is AWESOME SAUCE! You did an EXCELLENT job!!! Pete is one cool cat!