Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Clap, Tap, Stomp, and Snap!

I don't know about you people but I pound on syllables throughout the year. Some kids get it right away and don't need a lot of practice and other kids have no clue what they are listening for. They just plain don't hear it. It drives me nuts so I realize I need to do this many ways, throughout the day. Here are some of the ways I practice this skill.
1. We clap it but some kids think we are applauding so keep a watchful eye on that little doodle.
2. We touch our head, tummy, and toes depending on the number of parts.
3. We shake a canister that is filled with rice ( yes the top is hot glued down- I am not that dumb!)
4. We stretch it with mini slinkies. (Party City has them in packs)
5. We stomp it with our feet and yes the boys get into this a bit too much but lay down some rules.
6. We lay down teddy bears for the right number of parts.

What do my students like the best?
When we do their names. This means something to them and then I might physically sort them in groups by how many parts are in their name. This gets them up and moving. 
Can you feel my pain? 
I just created this packet so students can practice this during workshop time and you can pull them into small groups and do it as a part of their work work. I created 2 mini books for each month of the year which is nice for reinforcing material you are addressing anyway. Here is the kicker. Once you have introduced them with the teacher posters, guided them through the foldable, let them do another one (same month) using a bingo dauber. They will love this. What is it about a dauber that thrills them so much? These are cheap at the Dollar Tree so grab a bunch.

If you don't want to use a dauber students can color in or highlight the correct answer. These can also be part of your homework pack for the week.

 Are you on board? I am definitely giving this a try. Buy them while TpT is having their sale and my entire store is 20% off. Don't forget to type in BOOST before you purchase for a bigger savings! DON'T FORGET! Click on this picture to get to this packet.


Kathy Morrison said...

Your new blog design looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing your creativity and enthusiasm with us!

Lee Ann Rasey said...

I know exactly what you mean about syllables! I often have students get confused with syllables after teaching them how to stretch words to hear every sound. That's what they want to do when counting syllables.

Mirtha Medina said...

There are activities that may seem simple but actually create difficulties among children. It takes patience and the best strategies to help children. I love the ideas you shared here!

Jordana Abreu said...

Great post! I'm always reading your blog, love it!
I'm new at blogging, please stop by sometime! =)