Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to School Bargains for the Week... don't miss Fran's picks

It is way too soon for me to be thinking about going back to school but as I cruise around I cannot resist picking up a few million things. I love the Dollar Spot in Target but I try to be selective about my purchases. The file tote bag is a must have for three dollars and I could not pass it up. It is perfect for files you need to carry. I might get a few of them. They could be "cutified" for teacher gifts with a label and some adorable file folders.

The mini pocket charts are back and I love them for the kids to use at literacy and math stations. I bought the crayon banks because they will be adorable in my room and we collect pennies for community service and counting to  100. The banners were only a dollar and match my room to perfection! I cannot wait to use them. I can even trim a bookcase with these since they are small!

It was time to buy new mini buckets for each student and they had them in just the right colors. I was jazzed to get them and now I just need to make labels. I was dancing up a storm over this find! Woohoo I love containers. Stop judging. I get it.
My husband actually picked up the two sets of puzzles for me when he was in Target. Boy do I have him trained. I didn't ask for them but he gets it now! I can give you tips on this if you need some. I don't need these but he was so thrilled with his purchase that I was extra enthusiastic. Do not ever turn down a husband buying you things for your room. Trust me.

This bargain was a hot one to say the least. I walked into Office Depot with the ad in my hot little hand and asked where the scissors were. I was bummed because they were so crummy so this cute, young girl came over to help me get over my disappointment. Well first she realized I was a teacher and told me I had no limit on quantity. I resisted throwing me arms around this total stranger. Now I was a little more interested. Nothing was grabbing me until I hit the Sharpies and asked in my best teacher voice if  all of them were a quarter. She said probably not but she would adjust them. Holy Guacamole! Sharpie has come out with their version of paint markers that are great but not cheap. I had visions of using them on black chalkboard items to make signs for my room. I bought a few zillion and felt like I won the lottery! Woop! Woop! She told me the glue sticks were great and to grab some. I was not about to argue with this chick. She also grabbed twistables for me for a couple of dollars off the clearance rack. Life is good.

Next stop was the Dollar Tree and I loved these trays for students to use in work stations to hold their materials. They also had some cannisters that will be perfect for holding supplies. Once again they went with my decor so I was all over these. What's a dollar or two or three?

Costco has always been a dangerous place for me to shop. It should be called the Hundred Dollar Store. Who leaves with just one thing? I salute you and respect your control if you do. Naturally I hit the aisle with school supplies and flipped when I saw this set. I love binders in every color. White ones depress me. I know I have a problem? I am making a binder (or two) for each month of the year to hold my stuff. I need to be better organized... right?

By the way my whole room is going to be done in Pete the Cat decor. I am making it all so stay posted. My kids adore him and I am giving them what they love the most. That's why everything will be red, blue, and yellow with a hit of green. What are you buying and how are you doing your room this year. Leave a comment cause I want to know.


Eilis said...

So far this summer the Target by me has been a bust. I guess I'm going to be driving to another Target today.... Thanks for the inspiration.

mary smith said...

On gosh!! I'm doing my room Pete the cat also!! Can not wait to see your ideas!!!! Please share:)

taylor alexandra said...

I am so jealous of your dollar spot Target purchases! We don't have a Target near me :( Great finds!

Mrs. Ryan said...

It warms my heart that your husband picked up those puzzles for you! Sounds like he's a keeper! :) I haven't started my shopping yet, but your post is great inspiration! Once I start, I can't stop! ;) Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see your Pete decor!

Eilis said...


Laura Spalding said...

I am on the edge of my seat to see what your so-incredibly-creative-brain comes up with for Pete the Cat!!! I have him as my beginning theme, so I'll be back here EVERY DAY to check...yes, sorrowfully I AM that, I mean excited! Go, Girlfriend!

Jayne Gammons said...

Let the shopping begin! I picked up the same puzzles from Vegas! Jayne
Smart Kids
ABCs of Reading

Anita Dally said...

Target also had apple erasers that were 8 to a pkg. Great to use for counters! I couldn't find the CVC puzzles but did find some ABC/Number matching puzzles for those Aug/Sept centers!

Thiago daLuz said...

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