Thursday, February 13, 2014

Presentation Countdown... OMG

The days are going by quickly and I am working feverishly to finish my presentation for this incredible event...

Look at this line up and tell me that you have every intention of coming to this amazing event! Our very own Deanna Jump is the keynote and if you have ever heard her speak you won't want to miss this event. She rocked it out in Vegas and now you can actually meet her. This is going to be such a blast. 
Come and meet the Southern Cal bloggers. These gorgeous teacher bloggers are some of the best in the west! Did I really just say that? Okay, that was corny. I love these ladies and yes we do hang out together. Grab a ticket before they sell out and you are feeling so sad. I am taking off two days from work which is unheard of! What is the topic? Common Core- what else?
 I cannot wait to go to all these sessions and learn from this talented teachers. Woohoo... let's get this party started! Treat yourself to a ticket. You deserve it. Register right here!

Come back on Saturday for the Facebook Hop we are having where you can collect a billion freebies. Please "like" my Facebook page so that you can get some cool stuff to use next week! Promise? My friend Traci has worked her buns off to put this together. Check out her blog Dragonflies In First and yes- buy her planner. It is AMAZING!

Like all our Facebook pages when this goes live over the weekend. You will not want to miss this. I am so excited to be a part of this group... We are having a blogger bash at this conference with freebies, raffles, TpT gift certificates and even a photo booth.We have a bizillion giveaways that have consumed my life for weeks, not to mention presentations filled with ideas to take home and implement. Now if I could just avoid standing in the front of the room I would be a happy camper. Just sayin'


Meggan said...

Is it true that the Blogger Bash is sold out? I was planning on paying at the door, and now I'm afraid I've missed it! Any suggestions?

Linda said...

This looks absolutely fabulous, Fran! I wish I could be there!

Fran Kramer said...

Call and make sure. My session is closed and so are a few of the others but I know there are a few tickets left so please try. i would love to meet you so come and introduce yourself!
Hope to see you there friend,