Monday, February 3, 2014

And the winner is...

How lucky is this lady? She won a free ticket to the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. Okay get over it. You'll win next year. If you are still interested in hanging out with the bloggers at the event you can still purchase your ticket. Take a break from teaching... kids... the husband and join all of us for an event you will never forget.

You can even meet Deanna Jump. The whole conference is on Common Core and we are showing up at this party and rocking it out. Are you in? I know it's hard to get away but this is really worth it. Does Common Core scare you to death? Learn how to make it work in your classroom with 31 children. It will be a weekend you'll never forget. I promise. I will even be there. Come to my session and introduce yourself to me. The bloggers are taking over and you won't be sorry. Hang with us. There will be goodie bags too. Woohoo ! I am super excited. I have worked on my presentation for weeks and I am giving away a ton of freebies. Show up. That's it. Be there or be square.

SCKC Spring Conference Graphic.  Come one, come all!

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