Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get Lucky Today!

Have you noticed that a lot of bloggers are promoting worksheets that you can print off and use the next day? Be cautious about embracing this. Kindergarten students need to interact with materials and use manipulatives on a concrete level to build understandings. Small group instruction and work stations help them to make connections and work towards becoming independent. I think we need balance with all of this and because life is so busy we fall down this "black hole." I know I have. However, there are so many amazing resources that can keep our kids excited about learning! Are you with me?

 It's a struggle to keep up with all the demands of a classroom and have any time left for yourself and your family. Literacy and math stations require a lot of prep and this can become exhausting. Worksheets can be useful to check for understanding but only if they are well designed and used strategically.
At this time of year I have an emergent reader that my students love and it has such a positive message... I need positive! Click on the picture to grab this little reader.

This packet is filled with activities to keep learning exciting in your classroom and gives you an opportunity to see how their skills are coming along. There is definite prep involved but I think it is worth it. Laminate all the games and activities, label it, put it in a container and pray that you can find it next year. I have it in my TpT store so click on the picture and it will lead you there. Have a lucky day friends and remember to "teach to the core." You can also click here.

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Mrs. Tolbert said...

Thank you for this post! I struggle sometimes getting things ready for stations and small group because of the time that it takes. It's nice to have a little encouragement. :)


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