Friday, May 18, 2012

You Can Be President Too!

This is my favorite American symbol. I love talking about the qualities you need to become president of the United States. The children are fascinated by Obama and his family. They loved hearing about his dog Bo and his two daughters. We used this map but I supported the language with graphics since it was so demanding. This led me right into the qualities of a great leader and we learned some describing words in this context. We talked about the president needing to be physically fit (athletic) since he had such a hard job and worked long hours. We talked about what it means to be a scholar and hard working. Each time I introduced an academic word I asked them if they had these qualities and what made them scholars, athletes,  and hard workers.It was so cute. They told me that they worked hard at learning how to read and do math and I responded by saying, "Then you can be president too." I also made an emergent reader about Obama with all these qualities included in the text and used photographs to support the words. This really hits Common Core and expository text in terms that a young child can understand. 


applesandabcs said...

I like how he has to be physically fit! What a great lesson for all of us!



Cindy said...

This looks like a great lesson for your little ones! I like how you connected the word circles to their place on map! GREAT idea!!

Chad Pfeifer said...

Fran....I own all of your emergent readers. I would love to purchase the Obama reader as well :) Sounds wonderful!

Ms. Lopez said...

So...will you be making a Symbols of Our Country packet? :)

Coloring Outside The Lines

The Peterson Family said...

I absolutely LOVE all these symbols of our country ideas. I can't wait for you to put a packet together. And I love that it uses Thinking Maps!