Sunday, May 6, 2012

Only In My Room

We have been learning about our national bird and my students are fascinated with the bald eagle. This was just a simple labeling activity to build their background of knowledge and from here I created a bubble map to describe the bald eagle. I forgot to take a picture of it. The moms who help me every day decided to mount these and decorate them and I think they are adorable. Okay so this bird looks kind of sweet and friendly... right? Then I decided to show them an eagle's nest by watching a live cam. No problem. I got it all hooked up and my teaching partner turned into Mrs. Nature Lover and was more excited then the kids. We watched for a short time and came back at the end of the day, just to get an update. Remind me that these are carnivorous birds and watching them tear some unknown thing apart was horrid interesting. The kids asked me what the mom was feeding the babies and I told them it was just some treat! Finally "Mr. Smarty Pants" told me it looked like a mouse and I had to turn it off. So much for learning about raptors in kindergarten!


rooneyhunt said...

I love your American symbols activities! Will you post them as a packet on TPT?!

~ Amy

Heather's Heart said...

YOUR eagles are cute!

I hope the image of the raptor eagles did not do much scarring and no one needs therapy!

When I subbed in a Kinder class once, they were hatching chicks. Out pop the chicks who then surround a wee little yellow puff that they try to peck to death. Lots of tears and crying as I try and rescue the little one to die in peace away from the eyes of the Kinders.

Heather's Heart

Fran Kramer said...

OMG Heather,
That is pretty rough stuff. I can't stand exposing these little ones to these harsh realities even though I know this is part of nature.
I hope I won't need therapy and my partner never ate her lunch! WE WERE TRAUMATIZED.

Sue said...

Super Cute. I love the idea.


applesandabcs said...

haha LOVE it!


Apples and ABC's

Miss Nelson said...

Love this! Come check out my giveaway today! It's for a free membership to ESGI.

erin said...

Living and teaching kinders in Juneau Alaska we see bald eagles everyday! I must say, yours are rather adorable! :))

Heidi said...

Are you selling the bald eagle book and label activity? I didn't see it on your TPT store? Are you doing a Teacher Appreciation week sale. I love your stuff???

Fran Kramer said...

I know I should make a big symbols unit because everyone does this and it is so much fun for the kids. Maybe I can in the near future!

michelle said...

Ha ha!! I know what you are going through!! I was wrapping up my oviparous unit and the principal just HAPPENED to stopby my room for an informal observation (the formal was already done...THANK GOD!!) anyway, we were talking about oviparous animals, and I had the WONDERFUL inspiration to do "Platypus Lost" that I got off of "Look at My Happy Rainbow Blog (I love him!!)...Anyway, I had just read the book, and told the students that I was SOOOO excited because there are only 2 mammals that are oviparous...the echineah from Australia and...drum roll...the PLATYPUS!!! What we were learning about that day!! YAY...Well, as my principal was furiously jotting notes, (who knows what about!!), I had a smarty pants know-it-all raise her hand. I called on her...Yes, Amina? Here was what she said...(The nerve!!) Well, actually Mrs. W----, the Platypus is not JUST a mammal, it is an AQUATIC mammal" my response... yes, yes it is Amina!! great job, kiss your brain!! (as she gets up to get her brain kiss hershey's kiss...I just wanted to wring her pretty little neck!!!!! LOL!! Oh well...yes, I feel your pain!! =-)