Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Packet of Fruits and Veggies

Here is the packet so many of you asked me for. It has 45 pages of math and literacy work to supplement your Spring Theme. My kids loved all of it and I finally had a chance to put it together for Teacher Appreciation Week. I am only charging five dollars so you can fill your carts with lots of other goodies. I cannot post it on TpT since the site is so busy. I will do that tonight when I can upload the files. Right now you can go over to Teachers Notebook and grab it while I have it on sale. Click on the watering can!


Barbara said...

Will you be putting it on TPT?
That way we can take advantage of your sale and the TPT sale today.

Barbara said...

Just read...
sorry for not reading all you wrote. I have been busy downloading things and didn't look up...I was waiting for you to post this Veggie unit..;)
Hopefully I will grab it later tonight. B.