Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Retell Reinvented

I love Dr. Jean's retelling bracelet but my kids need a little more scaffolding to help them with this.The flow map cards are taught first and we review them for several days. On our activity day we sorted a billion pony beads and got the pipe cleaners ready. Then I had my parents lead them through a little strip book that matched the flow map. After each page they colored the bead in their book the matchingcolor and then added it to their bracelet. 
They also had to count their beads as they went along. They were so engaged in this activity. This year I gave the parents a larger version of this book as cards to help them along. The room was SO QUIET and the children were so invested in this activity. All the materials were on a paper plate for each student. I love success! Now they can take home the book and bracelet and retell the story at Thanksgiving. 
Okay the truth is-I am now gathering my gingerbread beads! Does it ever slow down?


Maryann said...

Hi Fran!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea- the beadsd and the booklet! Is this idea in the turkey packet? I hope it is!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Camille said...

Gingerbread beads???!!!??? Please tell us more!
I love the scaffolding for our ELs. Great idea Fran!
An Open Door

Unknown said...

We did your wonderful flow map and Jean's story with the beads. Love the little book, any way I can get a copy.
You have such great ideas.
Tonia in Redlands,CA

Jennie Jensen said...

Please share the gingerbread beads story. Exciting! Thanks!

Amanda said...

We made the bracelets today and I never thought about using your retelling cards!!! DUH! Great idea! Thank you! I'm also interested in the gingerbread beads... Is the book in your tpt store?

Freckleteacher said... you have me thinking about your Gingerbread Bead story? It sounds like fun! My class loved the pocket chart cards and the bead story. The book looks very helpful too. Could you add it to the Turkey Leftover packet? I already purchased it, but it could be revised. Just a thought! You know I love your stuff Fran!

principalone said...

Dear Fran,
You make me want to be a teacher again! I love your work! I am thankful for your inspiration, your gifts, and your talents. Thank you for sharing.

StayInK said...

Oh what a GREAT idea!!! Would you PLEASE put your booklet on TPT? PLEASE??? Also would love to hear about your Gingerbread story....Can't wait!!!
Thank you!!!

Mrs.Capps said...

Such a great idea! I did the bead retelling project for my 2nd year in a row and there was a HUGE disconnect with my kids this year and it did not seem nearly as meaningful. Will you please share the little book with us? Also, I have been trying to look for your mentoring materials that you were putting together for working with older buddies. Did you ever post that completed packet? Thanks!

Mrs. Mac said...

The Thanksgiving flow map and bead project was really wonderful - do you have a christmas flow map? I'm new to thinking maps and just love them. Thanks for the great ideas - Mrs. Mac

melissal said...

I love doing this activity and have for the past few years but, I LOVE your flow cards and your little book! Is there someplace I can get a copy of that? I LOVE IT! You have the greatest ideas, I can spend hours on your blog!! I just LOVE it!!! THANK YOU so much!!!
Melissa L.