Monday, November 28, 2011

Did You Hear Me Scream Today?

You have to admit this is ridiculous. I was not in my classroom today because we had a report card day and after school I went into the room to see what it looked like after the sub. I noticed the pumpkin plant and almost had a stroke . I sent it home with one of my students over Thanksgiving and freaked out when I saw it! OMG .
I am so in love with this project and the results. This might be the longest time any plant has survived that has been in my care. Did you hear me scream ? Yup, not enough excitement in my life right now but things are picking up. Tomorrow I am expecting a bean stalk climbing up the side of the school.


alma said...

That is just too cool! I am definitely doing this next year, I have been following it.

Maureen Antoski said...

When you put the pumpkin into the soil did you cut the bottom out?? I haven't a single green digit on my hands!! ;)

Sara said...

Wow!! I cannot wait to try that next year!! So neat!!

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