Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am obsessed with the ultimate hw folder...

I have changed my homework folder more times than I care to admit. This is the latest and greatest version. I use legal size colored folders and do the boys in one color and the girls in another color. Sometimes notes are just for girls and this makes it easier. Once my class list is stable I laminate these folders completely open, fold them again, and staple them on the short sides. Then I take colored duct tape and enclose each side to cover the staples and make the folder sturdier. The folder reflects many of our big standards that I want parents (in a perfect world) to practice on a daily basis. Does this make sense? What do you create for your students? Wait... don't tell me or I might change them A*G*A*I*N! 
Here is a download of a few of my ideas and I hope you can use them. Click here.


Chrissy said...

LOL! I had to limit my online time last week-the abundant choice of ideas was making my brain hurt!

I'm working on creating mini-offices and I like the ideas on your homework folder! When is your first day of school? I'll be greeting my kiddos at 7:50 tomorrow morning!! :-)


billi said...

what a Great idea!!! I needed some fresh way of presenting homework to parents. thanx

Fran Kramer said...

I used a mini office with my kids a few years ago but they never really seemed to use it to help them and I am thinking the kids I serve are not mature enough for this concept. They take a lot of time to make and for me I think they have more value in first grade. However, maybe mine were just not appropriate and I need a simplified version that is not cluttered. Hummmm.

Sarah said...

Love them! We just have boring red folders to send home ALL there things!! I dont know that we ahve actual homework folders -- our community would go bonkers -- crazy right! We have to be "super sneaky" to get by w/ homework--b/c all the kids WANT homework!! SUPER CUTE!! LOVE THEM! I think you found a winner!!

Sarah Hetrick

Freckleteacher said...

Thank you Fran! I especially love the color words, number charts and the sight words! I think you have a winner here!

Ms. L said...

Such a great idea! We have a homework binder that we use with our first graders. Similar to your folder but we put our info in sheet protectors and they go inside the binders along with a sheet protector to take their decodables home and behavior chart. I think we'll have to figure out how to use your idea. So much cheaper than buying 1" binders.

Now do these last all year? Because these folders go home with the students right? Are you sending them home nightly? Weekly?

And I'm so glad to have found another Open Court teacher in the blogging world.

Jamie @ Teaching Little Firsties!

Karen said...

Oh my! Do you teach am and pm classes! So do I ... I will be paying close attention this year to how you get it all done... Can you post a schedule?

Miss J said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Miss J


Sue said...

Nice Idea Fran....I can see updating this throughout the year with new words each quarter.
Thanks for sharing your great ideas.
Sue :)

Mommy2CVC said...

This is great! I use something similar, but this year we changed to Treasures. I will miss Open Court because I feel the Phonemic Awareness section was just better.

Mrs. Mugurussa said...

I have done S.T.A.R folder/binders for the last 10 years and will never go back. When I taught 2nd and 3rd, my students had a binder. Now that I am back in Kindergarten, my students get folders.
S.T.A.R means Students Taking Academic Responsibility
Here is what I use

Red vinyl 2-pocket folders (Wal-Mart .50)
Labels One for the front, one for each pocket and one for the plastic sleeve
Two plastic sleeves 1 for home/school communication, the other for sight word lists,
Pencil pouch to hold flash cards
Card stock copy laminated and hole punched of the Alpha Friends and the Phonics Song
My folders go to and from school each day. Homework is to be completed nightly and returned the following day. No homework on Fridays, the folders stay at school for the weekends.

Students also have reading homework each night. This year they will get a bag of books on Mondays and return the bag with the 5 books on Fridays. My friend is making me book bags. I'll post those once they are done.

Fran Kramer said...

Sounds great- but you have to show me since I am not sure I really understand it. I can't wait to see it when you post it. I wish I could do bags but we have 31 kids in the morning and 31 in the afternoon. I collect the folders and keep them in a basket out of the way. Thanks for your ideas!

Cindy said...

I like these homework folders. With a few adaptations, I am going to give them a shot. THANKS!

Debbie said...

Thanks. These will help update my mini-offices!


S said...

Thanks for sharing that, Fran! We use Open Court as well, and it's extremely nice to see some reference pages to go along with it. We must use the same version, because your sight words are in the same order of introduction as we have.

One question: You have a note on the alphabet page about following along with the CD. Do you give each child a CD? What does it have on it? A few years ago, two of our teachers created a CD for our ELL students. I've been thinking of giving it to our lower performing students as well, but it's out of pocket cost again! I'm wondering if it's worth doing.

Thanks again!

Fran Kramer said...

My partner makes the CD and you only get one if you bring one in. We send it home with letter names, sounds, days of the week, months, etc.We also include all the sight words for the year.Most parents are happy to have this and it really helps our students who do not hear English at home!

Mrs. Mugurussa said...

Fran- my folder info is not posted on my blog- I have 30 kids, but bit the bullet and spent the $40 to make the bags. I got tired of ziplock bags. We will see how they go. The folder are worth it for me as they don't tear like the paper ones we used to use. Plus their work doesn't get all crumpled in the bottom of their backpacks.

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Mel B said...

I love this!!! We do Imagine It! which is Open Court. I love the Letter-Sound card sheet. Did you create that (and if so how did you get the pictures) or can it be found online? I would love to use it but need to change the Open Court to Imagine It. Thanks!!

Anitra said...

I love this! I have first grade and I can already see ways to use this with my own class. What program did you use to create the things for outside the folder? I would love to use what you have and edit for my needs. Thanks so much for sharing.

Meredith said...

Thanks for a color copy of Open Court letters and sounds. Going to add it to my homework binder. I appreciate you sharing!!

LeAnne Cooper said...

Thanks for sharing! I've been working on kindergarten "cheat sheets" for my kids to keep in their desks as I decided to do away with the large desk nameplates that have colors, numbers, letters, etc. on them in favor of some smaller (& cuter) Dr. Seuss ones. Where did you find the OC letter sound cards paper? That would go perfectly on my cheat sheet!!
Thanks for your great ideas!
Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

Fran Kramer said...

To make the OCR letter sound cards
I scanned in each card and made them into a chart. It took me a huge amount of time but I need them all over my room for reference.

Harley said...

This IS the most awesome HW folder. Thanks for sharing. I have already put my notebooks together for this year, but this almost makes me want to back up and start over. Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge and talent. Have a great school year.

g said...

What do you send home for homework, in this folder?

Fran Kramer said...

My partner does the hw and it usually reflects what we are working on in the classroom and need the students to practice. We try to keep it simple but our school does require it.

S said...

For all of you who use Open Court, here's a website a teacher in my district created:
Click on Language Arts at the top and go exploring.

She posted a letter/sound chart already in color that you can print. I wanted to use the pictures for another classroom activity we do whole group, and I was able to cut and copy the pictures she had already uploaded and paste them into the document I was making. I think I did so by using the power point she has saved there. Saved me a bunch of time so I didn't have to scan anything! She also has workshop type activities to go with our version of OC. I think ours is the 2002 version. Everything is FREE, so have at it :)

Hope this helps some of you out!

The Peterson Family said...

Fran - you rock! I love this idea. My K team ( 9 teachers) uses HW binders, which have their advantages, especially since we're full-day, but in general are too much work for me. I love this idea much better and will be tucking it away for use in the future for sure!!

Mrs. Peterson's Room