Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Little Books Need A Mommy Version

I am getting ready for our new students and my partner loves this emergent reader. Yesterday she asked me to make it a big book to use with the children before handing them an emergent reader. Smart lady! So I had very little time and this is my quick and easy version for the children to use for practice. Maybe we will build the labels in a pocket chart the next day. Not bad for an easy peasy book. How do you make yours?

All you need to do:
1. Enlarge your images on the computer or a copier
2. You can print them in color or do them in black outline and fill in
3. Bump up your text and use a thick font so the kids have good visibility
4. Separate the words with a few spaces so young children "see" the spaces between words.
5. Frame the text so they can make a connection between the words and the picture
6. Count the words to build concepts of print
These graphics are from DJInkers and from Scrappin Doodles. All I did was purchase them and enlarge them for my classroom.


michee said...

What a fantastic idea! Any chance we can get the clip art in color?

Kinderpond said...

I make the pocket chart to follow along as well! Sometimes I just make the enlarged copy on colored paper instead of having to color the pictures. Also, you can get an older student to color them for you. When I assemble the books I use an AB pattern- blue/purple or yellow/red ect.


krazykindergarten said...


Pam said...

I love these! To make big books, I use clipart and scrapbooking paper and place them on poster board. Then it is laminated for durability. Thank you for all your great ideas!

Meredith said...

Twas the night before school starts...and you are filling our busy brains with another fabulous idea! Being able to model reading with the dots will keep them engaged. Thanks!

Kate said...

I love this especially the dots under the words for one to one correspondence! I wonder if the dots should be under the first letter of each word, as I learned once from a reading recovery teacher that we should encourage children to point under the first letter so that they can get their mouths ready to read the word. Just a thought.

Wintaka said...

Any chance you might post the big book on your TpT site? I think I could figure out how color copy on my printer, but would love the colored clip art and the little book as well. Did you have that already posted, and I missed it?

tnguyen said...

Hi Fran,

I would send your student version books home so my kids can practice reading at home. To make the big book, I am planning to take pictures and use them. Students love to read books with their pictures.