Monday, January 19, 2015

What Will the Weather Be? Ask Our Meteorologist!

So we made a cloud in our classroom and the children loved putting this together. They learned how to fan fold paper which they loved doing. The results were so cute and now they are hanging in the window of our classroom.
My teaching partner Dawn made this adorable visor for the "meteorologist of the day" who gives us the daily weather report. They love it and it took her very little time to make. The visor came from Michaels and cost a dollar. It looks hilarious on our kids and they love it! Score. The weather journals are simple and another big favorite with our students. I do a guided drawing and a simple sentence under a document camera. We use twistables (crayons) which make them look so nice. The book on the right is an emergent reader that we are working on this week. It is simple but effective. I love easy stuff! 
I have been working hard on teaching my students how to work collaboratively and have been building activities for them to practice these skills. It has been challenging but the pay off has been huge and they are really doing a great job. We practice these skills frequently and they are making so much progress.
At this time of the year my students are working on counting, writing, and identifying teen numbers. I have been busy making games to keep them engaged and interested in practicing these skills. This is challenging but they are coming along... I love talking about those "mean teens" that are so hard to deal with.

This is another "write the room" activity back by popular demand to help my students build their academic vocabulary. They love taking their clipboard and searching for our wacky weather words. Enough for now. I hope you had a good break from school and now I am off to bed.
Have a great week of teaching and let's stay connected! What weather activities do you love to do?


Sandy Welch said...

Your weather unit looks wonderful! The visor is adorable and I bet the kids LOVE it!

Nancy Baker said...

Is any of this on tpt?

Katie Costello said...

I love checking in to see where you are throughout the year. We're doing our weather unit too and LOVE making cloud people. :)

Natalie Pugh said...

Hi there! I would love to purchase your letter and sound little workbook. Is there a place I can do that? I couldn't find any links! :-)

Fran Kramer said...

Email me at and be sure you are using Open Court for your reading program or this will not work for you!

Heidi said...

Is your guided draw weather book for sale? It is perfect!

Pam said...

Where can I find your weather and seasons unit? It is exactly what I have been looking for to teach these concepts.Awesome ideas!!