Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Weather" You Want to Read This Or Not!

It was a busy week in my room as we opened up a unit on weather and started reviewing the seasons and weather. Try talking about the seasons when you live in southern California! We were laughing ourselves sick over this but we grounded in with lots of photographs from the internet and some great books. The biggest hit was making a child the meteorologist of the day! The kids loved this so much and we used this little number to record their thinking when they stuck their heads out the door: 

 I asked them how hot or cold it felt outside and what the sky looked like. They were so invested in answering me! We review this chart so the children have the academic vocabulary to do this. I posted these cards on a magnetic board within their reach so they can use bright round magnets to show their response!

Once our meteorologist has determined the weather we record it in our little book. I model how to draw the weather under the document camera and we write a simple sentence together. This provides an opportunity to talk about the conventions of writing. The students love this simple, little journal.
We had some much fun reading about snow and polar bears this week and the best part of the week was doing a blubber experiment where students put on a glove (filled with Crisco) and stick both hands in ice water. Oh my goodness this was hilarious and so much fun for them. We told them the polar bear is able to live in such a cold climate because of his blubber which keeps him warm. Let's not go there with my blubber. No wonder I am always hot.
My students cannot get enough of "Write the Room" activities and ask me for these all the time. I taught them how to do this during small group instruction where I could guide them. I let them use clipboards but I could see what they needed more help with. Now my head is spinning with ideas to keep their enthusiasm going!
We are still plugging away on beginning sounds but many of my students can do this independently so we are moving on to ending sounds and those CVC words. I have so many packets to support their learning that I can't wait to show them.
Have a great week of teaching... teach like your hair is on fire!


Sandy Welch said...

Hi Fran! those kids are so lucky to have as their teacher. I teach weather and seasons now too. It leads perfectly into states of matter. I have to try the ice and crisco thing. I can almost hear the squeals of delight! I put the four season pictures in my apron pockets and as the kids come in the door, I hand them a picture of seasonal things (like leaves falling off a tree). The kids have to place them in the correct apron pocket. Thanks, as always for sharing! Hugs to you!

Kindergarten teacher said...

Do you have a this weather unit for us to purchase?

Fran Kramer said...

I do not have this available yet but I am working on it. The apron for the seasons of the year is pure genius and I love it Sandy!

KinderKapers said...

I love this! My students are also interested in keeping track of the weather. We have a little graph, but I like your weather book page better. Since we are getting ready to participate in the Groundhog Project, we will need to be able to keep track of the weather and the temperature. I hope you finish it soon.

Terri Izatt

Michael Williams said...

I think it's really cool how you show some of the things you do with the kids you teach. It gives the comfort to the parents, to know what their kids are learning. It looks like you're doing a great job with the children, keep up the good work.