Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Is Kindergarten Obsessed With Blue Cats?

I was walking through my favorite kindergarten classrooms on Thursday and the students could not wait to show me their "Writing In My Kindergarten Shoes" journal they were finally taking home! They were so excited about this. My teaching friend loved this packet I created and once a month she would have them writing about something they were learning in their Pete Journal. These were so special to the children that they did their best drawing and writing and took so much pride in the results. Each month the teacher added the new page to the previous ones she had under paper clips on her writing wall. There were times where she consulted the class about what they should write and draw. The children felt like authentic authors on a very simple level. This was such an easy way to collect samples of their progress throughout the year. I was blown away by their growth and they loved the seasonal Pete images that made writing so much. 
But the teacher took it one step further. I left a space for their picture which she was anxious to add to the cover. However, she had each student hold the stuffed animal in their arms and the results were precious! They were thrilled to have their picture taken with such a celebrity and we loved their enthusiasm. What is it about this character that fills a five year old with such happiness?
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