Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's Blooming In My Store?

I finally finished this packet but it was so huge that I split it up into two parts. Seriously. This has every trick in the book that I have learned to motivate students to work on blending cvc words.The theme is Spring even if it is still snowing where you live! April is here and this is when  I would go into panic mode over what my students couldn't do. Do you get crazy too? I am not interested in first grade teachers storming into my room wondering what I did all year. Right? You can relate to this. So I work on this skill with nutty intensity. It shows up all over the room, in the morning message, and even on the yard when the kids are "trying" to have some recess fun. I have been known to drag out sidewalk chalk to spell out words on the blacktop but the custodian ends up hating me! Oh well. A teacher has to do what it takes. 
These packets introduce just 25 CVC words and students practice using them through games, activities, and literacy stations. The second packet allows students to practice these words through cutting and pasting 
( hello- some have not mastered this even in April) and I even sneak in some letter writing practice known as handwriting. Can you imagine? Check these out if you are a desperate kindergarten teacher, an intervention teacher (aren't we all) or a Special Education teacher. It might help your students learn these important CCSS Foundational Skills and your principal will realize that you are truly  a super hero.
Click on each flower to plant those seeds of knowledge



We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

I am so excited! These units look FABULOUS, and so beneficial for my students! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks

Katie Knight said...

First grade teachers need this too because the kids come back from break acting like they were never taught anything. It is a good warm up. I love this Fran!!!!!!!!!

vicky1970 said...

Fran --- I want to be a first grade teacher at your school. You get those kidlets all ready to go for sure. And...not only because of that but you crack me up and you are so fun to hang with. Those packs look awesome...good work!
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