Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Finally Posted The Tags For You!

TpT was not cooperating with me last night but I woke up today and finally got these packets up. I had to split them into two parts because the files were so big. I recommend buying them both if you are a primary teacher so you have a complete set. This was more work than I anticipated but I think it is something every classroom teacher will be grateful for. My Transitional Kindergarten teachers are going to love me so much... I am so excited to have these available. Click on the picture to go to my shop. There are some great Back to School packets that will help to get you started this year!

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Freckleteacher said...

Hi Fran! I used your tags today on my student's pencil boxes, daily binders and name tags. I love them and I hope the kids do too! I really love how fast it is to type the names and they look so much better than my handwriting!

Thanks my friend!