Sunday, August 19, 2012

Common Core Collaboration With A Freebie

So I have been really busy this week preparing for my Common Core training.There was so much to learn and understand. Remember, I am OLD.  I am working at a new school where the teachers function as one big family and support each other really effectively. The training went very well (thank goodness) and the administrator participated right along with his teachers. WOW! It was impressive to watch him make important connections with his staff, reminding them of the work they have already done. He validated their thinking through the entire session. I wrapped up these mini apples and used a tag to make the room look a little more inviting and they loved it! At the end of the day I had a slide about the importance of reflection and they wrote me beautiful notes with their personal ones in relation to their own Common Core journey. I am blessed to be at this school. If you want these apple tags grab them right here. Everyone loves a little gift to sweeten their day!


applesandabcs said...

You are so thoughtful Fran! And thanks for sharing them with us! :)
Apples and ABC's

Allison Hutchins said...

Our district is switching to Common Core very soon! Thank you for sharing :) I'm your newest follower..follow me on


Pingles said...

Excellent, looks like you had a great day! Happy for you!