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Friday, July 29, 2011

If You Need A Good Laugh

Do you know this story? If not please check it out and see if it appeals to you. I absolutely love it and it makes me laugh so much as a mom and a teacher, both. Adventure Annie is thrilled to be going to kindergarten and comes to school decked out in a "costume" of her own choosing. She has her own ideas about school and what should happen there.As she goes through the day she learns about the Gold Star Rules which temper her behavior a bit. This is the mentor text I use when we have been in school for a few days and I want the class to help me come up with a few simple rules for the classroom. I love all the mean, negative things they remind each other not to do (Don't kick your friends... Don't scream at your teacher...etc.). I always have to restate it in a positive way. Even so, they come up with such far fetched ideas that it is hard not to LOL. Everyone has had an "Adventure Annie" in their classroom-right?


alwayslearning said...

Fran, As always, thanks for the new idea! Now I have another purchase to make for my I think that this will be perfect for my niece who soon begins kindergartgen!

Cindy said...

I had to giggle because you are so right...the rules they come up with would fill a notebook...pretty much all aimed at the negative. I like keeping it real simple and will help guide them toward one of the main rules:
"We will not say or do anything to hurt anyone on the outside or the inside"... that covers, yelling, pinching, saying mean things, hurting feelings...,,kicking, biting, etc... ;-)

Rose said...

LOL, yes I have one such young lady that comes to mind. I've not heard of the book but Amazon here I come. I'm going to go bankrupt buying books!
The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Laura said...

I am sitting alone in my living room laughing! That is just what they do (No spitting! No Smacking your friend in the face!). It cracks me up! I will go add this book to the many, many new books I am accumulating this summer. You might want to look at Chamelia. She is a free spirit who doesn't blend in but eventually learns to get along. So cute!

Tiffani said...

Fran- you are killing me with all the good book suggestion- my Amazon cart is overflowing. Oh and BTW the Pete the Cat song was stuck in my head all last night and when I woke up this morning. Even my teens thought it was cute.
Time 4 Kindergarten

Deborah Devine said...

Would you ever consider doing a post about how you create a graphic for your website just like this one about Adventuresome Annie. Like...Step One layer your background graphic, step two...
I'd really love to know. If there were a class on that I would sign up.

KeAndra said...

Another great idea:) Amazon here I come!

Fran Kramer said...

To teach this effectively you need to be in front of a computer. I teach this kind of class for my district and sometimes for the teachers at my school. I love digital photography and scrapbooking. It would be so much fun to do with a group of bloggers!

Deborah Devine said...

I think it would be a blast, and whatever the blogger made could be posted on their website to share with everyone.
Please consider sharing digital photography and scrapbooking.