Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Literacy Gems: Make Learning Fun

Can you believe it? I actually created another packet that I really love. How many of you have been making letter gems to use in your classroom? They are all over the internet. I decided to make a packet that used these gorgeous gems to make word work throughout the year more fun for the kids. As an extra bonus I threw in a few math activities just because... Do you want to check this out? Take a peek at this.

In this packet I show you how to make the gems with photographs to help support my directions. They are easy to make and hopefully you won't go crazy and make endless amounts... just sayin'.
I also give you advice about organizing these treasures (maybe I was a pirate in a previous life) so they will be easy to manage.

This packet also included cards (many, many cards) that provide students with word work practice that is more fun and more engaging than what I typically provide. Who knew it could be so much fun? Lots of skills are covered, from letter identification to cvce words. Sight words are included and building sentences is included too.

Many teachers have told me they like having related response sheets and I recommend using this for assessment purposes or homework. Good idea, right? Use them anyway you want. They too me a long time to create but I plan on using this packet throughout the year. I might have to make more sets of gems which are quick and easy to do my way. * This packet has word and vowel gems in case you need them. You can't have too many!

I am going to let my students use these gems and cards with a partner. I really believe that students grow faster academically when we allow them to use a collaborative model. These cards lend themselves to this and would make partner work so much more engaging. So if this "floats your boat" click on the picture below and it will take you right to the TpT mall so you can shop. Yup the sale is on until the end of today so what are you waiting for?


Happy Teaching friends!

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Jenny Craft said...

Using gems and cards for Early Learning is very great. Children like to learn play base education and they adopt more in this way.