Friday, January 17, 2014

You Won't Want to Miss This Emergent Reader on Martin Luther King

This is one of my favorite emergent readers for Martin Luther King and is a great follow up when you come back to school on Tuesday. It helps children set personal goals for the second half of the year now that they realize what they need to work on. It is so cute to have those rich conversations about what they want to work on. You will love listening to their goals and dreams and the inspiration for all this is an American who worked hard, had goals, struggled, but still followed his dreams. I love this connection and I think it is powerful for our little ones. If you are interested you can find it for just a few dollars right here. Let me know what you think of the book and what you like to do to celebrate Martin Luther King
Do you need a freebie to add to the excitement? I think this is a keeper for our kindergarten kids.

Do you need something to help you celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday? How about making a special necklace that is quick and easy. The directions are in this little packet and will add some fun to this important national holiday. It's a freebie and we all love free- right? Click here for this. Don't forget to grab the emergent reader I created entitled, What Is Your Dream? The link is on the post just below this one. If you like the freebie please leave a comment and I hope your students like the bling!
These graphics are from Melonheadz Illustrations and she did the most incredible job. The other graphics belong to There is so much talent out there... Now go teach about this great leader.


Donelle said...

I would love this freebie.
Thank you!

Donelle said...

I would love your freebie!
Thank you!

KinderKapers said...

Can't wait to make this necklace and read this book with my Kinders on Tuesday!!

Terri Izatt