Sunday, November 10, 2013

You've Been Framed!

 So here is my latest product and I think it's really a winner. It is a series of mini books that hit many of the Common Core Standards for Number Sense. In addition I made guiding posters to use when teaching these concepts. Students get a "Number Expert" award when they have mastered these concepts.If you are interested in these you can purchase them here. Ten frames are a crucial concept and this is addressed in these mini books. You can use a bingo marker, highlighter, or crayon to fill in your frame. The teacher posters are laminated and can be used in a math center, using play dough to represent the appropriate number. Students need lots of experiences with this concept and this packet will bring it home! Easy-peasy.

Here is a DIY teaching tool that will really help your students understand ten frames and can provided them with hands-on practice that will keep them engaged. Follow the directions and you can make them quickly and easily so get your "craft on." The teacher tray and student trays (smaller) are available at the Dollar Tree.

The glass beads were purchased at Dollar Tree but the glue and all the magnets were purchased at Walmart for just a few dollars. When you use a circle punch it saves you massive amounts of time since you can grab scraps of cute paper and punch your circles in seconds. Place the Modge Podge right on the bottom of the glass bead with the right side facing up when you turn the bead over!  Is this clear as mud? Add the heavy magnet with this glue called Amazing Goop.

The mat has adhesive magnets on the back so it doesn't slide around and can be changed to use with other concepts. The little trays are also available at Dollar Tree and can be used by students in a small group or at a math station. They go perfectly with my Number Books and students can save their little books in a baggie to use with a partner. These are perfect for homework. Stay with me because the magnets on the little trays can be purchased at Walmart but I used adhesive dots to make them in the color I needed... BRILLIANT right? Applause, please. I hope this makes sense. Kids love little foldables and I love playing with magnets, don't you? 


We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

I love anything that comes in a book to teach the kiddos. Looks great! How is your school year going? Are you back into the classroom yet? Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks

Chrissy said...

I am fortunate to have tomorrow off--adding your magnet tray to my project list!

My kindergartners are struggling with the concept of five and ten frames. In September, many of them couldn't recognize numbers 1-10 or count beyond five. We use Envision math, which seems to be moving very fast for my group. I'll add your idea to my bag of tricks!! Thanks, Fran :-)
Chrissy at ReadWriteSing

Fran Kramer said...

This is a very hard concept for kindergarten. The mini books are just another way of visiting this concept and giving them additional activities. It's hard to come up with new ideas for this!

KinderKapers said...

Oh Fran..I LOVE these!! I love putting the magnets into the ten frames. I am going to have to add this to my routines for introducing numbers. I can hang the cookie sheet by the poster we create with peas and carrots! It can stay as an anchor chart and then also be used in centers!!

Terri Izatt