Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Sparkle Has Arrived

So my life is all about Common Core and I have created four little emergent readers for this time of the year that your students should enjoy. No matter what, I am sure they will all like the Halloween one the best since our students love to dress up in costumes.  I have some non fiction readers that are science based and a fire safety reader has also been included. Anything missing? I hope not. Need some sparkle after all the testing and progress reports? Doesn't that seems to rear its ugly head five seconds after school has started? If you are interested they will be available in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers and I will try to get them up soon at Teachers Notebook. Have a great week of teaching!
Who is doing backward planning and is using Big Ideas and Essential Questions? I have some great ideas for that spinning  around in my head. We are hitting that hard right now!


Sarah said...

YEA YEA!! I LOVE these books!! So do my students!


Rachelle said...

Love your emergent readers!!!!!

vicky1970 said...

Hi Fran -
I love your sparkle readers. So sad I missed the blog meet up. Next time I hope.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

lizziepink1 said...

Hey Fran, My school hires this fabulous consultant from California. She helps us write units in writing and reading around the Common Core. Just like you do, she has show us how to plan backward. We start with the big idea, then move to essential questions, then plot teach points. The teach points are our I can statements for that skill. I really like this approach and it has my kids thinking more critically. It think its the precise methods of planning. Happy Fall, Lizzie