Sunday, September 9, 2012

Add More Sparkle to Your Life

Thank you for all the positive comments you have written about these emergent readers. The teachers in my district have loved having these little sparklers to add into their tool kit. I like the idea of using them in class, along with the pocket chart strips to build their fluency. Wait a minute... what fluency? Okay, eventually. I like when you work on concepts of print on a daily basis and a student on day 60 starts from the right, builds it in the chart and reads it all going in the wrong direction, touching each word. The best is when they turn around to look at you with a huge smile. It is too funny. So what does a teacher do? She models until she turns blue! 
These readers focus on the sight word "a" and are on the following topics: birthday, family, pets, and autumn. I have infused academic language, tracing letters, cut and paste, and guided drawing in these books.
They also align to the common core and reflect the 50-50 shift to non fiction that is being implemented. You want to remind children to look at the details in a picture to help them unlock the text  and try to give them "think time". By the way I am usually biting my lip for the ones who need this. Click here if you might be interested in adding these into your mix. Have a great week of teaching! I am doing a presentation on backward planning with 
Big Ideas and Essential Questions. Wish me luck!


Chrissy said...

Whenever I see a comment from you, I sparkle! Thanks for your support!

While placing my Scholastic order a few hours ago, I chose all nonfiction texts with my bonus points. My private school is not following the Common Core, but I am determined to familiarize myself with it and add necessary components into my planning. This set looks terrific, Fran!

Mrs. M said...

Thank- you for stopping by my blog! I have been a big fan for a very long time...I love all your emergent readers! I'm definitely adding this to my cart.

Luck? You don't need luck- you are awesome!! I'm your sure you will do absolutely fantastic :)

Mrs. M