Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farm Freebies Are Fun!

I really cannot teach a Farm Unit but I know my kids are loving these animals and I need to keep them going with standards based activities. Who said I can't change the graphics in the room so that it looks like abarnyard boogie? Anyhow, if you think you might want this little freebie you can grab it here. Here are two spinners that you can make with brads and paper clips. The recording sheet for this is included. I am going to include manipulatives to help students build their number sentences.


Tonia said...

Just love this addition spinner game! Perfect for farm unit I am starting.
Thanks for all your hard work and generous sharing.

Freckleteacher said...

Thanks Farmer Fran! I am not doing a full on farm unit, but this will still be fun for addition. Thank you! I'll be sure to let them know it is from you so they will love it! By the way,
I am missingPete the Cat stuff. Any ideas to have him visit before the end of the school year? Maybe subtraction or something? Hint hint. Pretty please! I love that crazy and cute cat and so do my kids! Take care!

Martha said...

This comes at just the right time as we are ready to begin our learning about the farm unit. This is a cute way to practice adding up! Thanks so much.

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...


First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. Ryan said...

LOVE it! Perfect for my farm unit that I'm starting in April! Thanks SO much for sharing!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Fran! We'll definitely be able to use it.

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Lisa M. (aka Lisabee) said...

Oh thank you Fran! I already printed and laminated this and my son TOTALLY enjoyed playing this "game" during our homeschool lesson today. We live on a farm, so ALL farm units of any kind are a great addition to our classroom!

Mrs. Kremser said...

Beginning my farm unit Monday ... perfect timing! Thank you for sharing ... love your TpT store as well.

Mrs. Tolbert said...

I love love love your
farm unit! Awesome job! I am supposed to be moving to kindergarten next year so this will be something great to use. Thanks!

I also nominated you for an award! Please come by and accept when you have a chance.

Daisy Days for Learning

Keri said...

Love it! :)
~> I have just started thinking about adding Unit Studies this year, but I am still a bit new at the idea. I Think this may be a good start. Thanks!

Keri~ A home-school momma who is THANKFUL for her son’s Kindergarten Online Curriculum

smorss99 said...

Thanks so much Fran! Super cute :0)

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